S01E21 – The Avengers (2012)

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled episode where Effie is in charge! (Well, almost regularly scheduled.) Mom talks about our recording time for a bit, as well as those other Avengers you may have heard about, and her childhood Halloween dreams from before Halloween was a thing here. The word coiffure gets thrown around, so on behalf of Mom: please excuse her French. More apologies are also issued about her English – feel free to let her know she’s doing fine, by the way – as well as a “you’re welcome” for editing out whichever ones I can. The conversation also turns to the materials of Scarlet Johansson’s wardrobe in the movie, and not even the outfits you’re thinking of, before we tackle Chris Hemsworth’s abs and I make some Easter-related jokes. Representation of German people also somehow becomes a topic and I make some more good points, Mom admits. I also understood most of the references, so go me.
In this episode’s Trailer Time we, of course, watch the second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War!

Disclaimer: There might be a slight echo in our voices since I’m still getting used to a two mic setup, but let me know if you noticed.

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Intro Music: “Immortal” by Fleslit
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