About the Hosts

Effie is the creator, host, producer and editor of Stealing the Remote.

The podcast was born out of the desire to share her passion for comic book movies, science fiction and genre films with her mother. When she moved out and continuing to find time to record together proved harder than imagined, she roped in her girlfriend to show each other movies.

Mijntje is Effie’s girlfriend and co-host for the reimagined season 2.

When the call to action came, she answered: a girlfriend with a podcast on indefinite hiatus and a desperate need for a co-host could only be helped by a loving girlfriend who didn’t mind returning the favor and forcing Effie to watch musicals and animated movies.

Patricia – better known as Mom – was Effie’s original co-host.

When a child asks a mother to be on a podcast together, does she really have a choice in the matter? Does she even understand what a podcast is well enough to say no? Evidently not, but she doesn’t regret having some fun conversations with her daughter about everything and nothing. At least, Effie hopes so.